The PWU Retired Workers’ Chapter (RWC) was formed in 1996. The Chapter is an independent organization from the Power Workers’ Union.

The RWC was formed to serve as the PWU Retirees “bargaining unit”, to be a watchdog on retirees’ rights, and to ensure that the PWU continues to have access to your advice and experience.

Many Companies formed Retirees Associations years ago. These associations were mainly social clubs in nature whereas the RWC is an advocacy organization. Our organization works to ensure that retirees` pensions; rights: benefits (where applicable) are retained and not reduced.

The RWC has a Constitution which provides the rules of operation. The Chapter is administered by an Executive Board which meets semi-annually or as required. The day to day affairs are carried out by the President and Executive Committee. Members pay annual dues which pay for the operation of the organization.

The RWC membership is kept informed on issues that may affect or be of interest to them via bulletins, membership meetings, and a semi-annual newsletter.

The RWC has a position on the PWU Executive Board and is also affiliated with other retiree advocacy organizations in Canada. This allows us to keep informed and provide input on issues that may affect PWU Retirees.

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